Monday, April 30, 2012

God Officially Looking for A JOB. Steve Jobs, that is...Anyone seen Him? God is unemployed and WANTS A JOB!

"Excuse me.  GOD here.  Anyone Seen Steve Mo Fo JOBS?  This guy's gone MIA, off the reservation and is really trying my patience.  So if you see him, would you mind telling him to return my goddam (fuck I always do this) ME-DAMN iPad4 already before I cut a bitch?  I'm looking for you, JOBS.  Got a job?  Any job at all?  Here a job, there a job, everywhere a job job?  Your Lordeth is also a rapper.  Like it?  His lordeth raps, and you HAVE to like it cause he's the mo-fo LORD.  Got that?

Coming to find you, JOBS.

PS. Your Lordeth has also developed a severe case of Turretts that he can not spell.  And YOU CAN'T say nothin' about it.  Cause it's politically incorrect and NOT NICE, mkay?  Oh, and by the WAY, I also speak jive now.  Yes, your Lordeth speaks jive in style.  Care for jive translation?  Your Lordeth has yo back.  So, please return Steve Jobs to me ASAP before I go fucking postal over here.  (turretss again, acting up  SHIT)  Oh, and if you see Steve, please pass along the message that he's gotta stop SNORING while he's hogging the fucking bed he's KILLING me.  Your lordeth get's no sleep when Steve Jobs snores and hogs the bed all night long.  Jesus Christ, already.

You WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORATAI Steve Jobs cause I'm lookin' for ya....

Peace out my NIGGAZ!
(I can say that TOO, because I'm NOT RACIST, I'm The LORDETH and I created you, how could I be a mo fo RACIST?  Logic people, simple LOGIC)

With Love,
Your Lordeth turned phony rapper who speaks jive when not out looking for the mo-fo JOBS.

PS.  And NO, UR Lordeth does not need no mo-fo RESUME.  Christ, really?  LOL  I'm the Lord and Creator.  Nuff SAID.

Can you DIGG IT?

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