Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh Shit, Disney And Sesame Street Characters Are Flyers Fans! Woo! Motown Philly's Back AGAIN!

Holy shit even Disney and Sesame Street Characters are jumping behind the FLYERS.  Minnie Mouse?  Flyers Fan.  Elmo?  Flyers Fan.  Check Check.  Done and Done.  WOO!  We're looking PRETTY good over here Jersey.  Whachu got? 
(besides Trenton? LOL)

Convert to our religion of Orange, and take care of business, Philly Style....
And SHOOT IT.  Only obvious solution, really.
Can't open pickle jar?  No problem here.  SHOOT it.  Then SWEEP under rug.  There, problem solved.  My work here is done.

Philly Flyers Fans = problem solving pictures of maturity and grace (haha NOT)

How'd you like us now?  Not so much?  Figured as much.  LOL

Oh PITT, I feel so bad for the level of annoyance you're having to deal with here.  I really do...but not enough to stop...LOL  Here ya go..Altogether now: "YOUZ RULES"

  East coast family's back again.  Doin' a little east coast swing.  Motown philly's back.  Woo!


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Anytime, my friend. Just never gets old converting famous people to Flyers fans. Don't believe it will anytime soon either.