Friday, May 4, 2012

Hitting the Easy Button on Life, One Day at a Time. THAT Was Easy.

Secret easy button tip for this lovely Friday comin' at ya.  Don't like something?  Easy solution: walk away.  Don't like that someone called you out on the fact that you've unnecessarily harped on the fact that hoodies on animals make perfect SENSE for the last five days (animals are not racist, unless they're Dolphins, FYI)  Well, the mature and easy way to handle the scenario?  Simply get up.  Say good day.  And Walk Away.  It's my preferred method for dealing with those who happen to suffer from the newly deemed douciopath disorder affecting a good portion of the population these days.  So you try!  See how easy that was??

  That was easy, LOL  

So there you go, hit the easy button.  I do.  You can too. So does PHISH.  See below.

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