Monday, April 30, 2012

Lots Of Words On the Street. Read em and WEEP, Bitches. And Kiss and Make Up. We Are (Wall Street Loves OWS). You Should Too. Cause It's the time of the Season. For LOVING.

EXXON = Devil Incarnate according the this guy. Might be true.  I got my tinfoil hat on .  Do YOU?
Muffin MILK for breakfast.  Prosperity for Lunch and something light for dinner.  That's the plan, Stan.
OWS Says: Fuck Police Occupation New York.  That goes DIRECTLY against my orders people.  Remember: AKA: You're GONNA GO TO JAIL A-HOLES?  Unity doesn't like jail.  Neither does Destiny.  Not their style at ALL.  Shouldn't be yours either.
So high FIVE!  We LOVE EACH OTHER.  And help me, HELP YOU!  For the love of christ, it doesn't appear as tho anyone else is around here.  Tis the season....
FOR KISSING KING FISHES IN LOVE.  Mid Season.  Luv Yu!  xoxox  We LOVE each other.  OK?  Catch THIS!  Cause it's pretty BIG.

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