Monday, April 30, 2012

Power to Prosper Officially Granted. So Hoodie it Up Bro! Prosperous People Are Not Racist (Though Dolphins and Killer Whales Are)

 Prosperity.  Granted.  Done and Done.  Prosper it up people!  Live long and prosper.  ONE of us has to.  Pretty sure my days are numbered over here.  When OWS mows me down in cold blood tomorrow, upon learning my "occupation".  People it's not nice to stereotype OK?  Just cause I may or may not be affiliated with a hedge fund doesn't mean I'm not conflicted as hell and potentially on your side but disagree strongly with your lack of direction, organization and lack of demands.  (I demand shit all the time.  YOU CAN TOO)  So, let's turn this frown upside down and hug it out OK?  I care.  I might be the only one, cause Honey Badger sure as shit don't.  He NEVER cares about ANYTHING, FYI.

The POWER to PROSPER People.  Expanding is my style in 2012.  Prosper it up!  Go ahead.  Try it.  U just MAY like it.
Prosperity in 2012 is my style.  And rising tides sink, er lift all ships.  Battleships.  True story.  Live long and prosper, please.  Cause ONE of us has to.  I plan on potentially being mowed down by gunfire by an angry mob tomorrow at OWS, when I surprise with the fact that Wall Street LOVES them.  Surprise!  You're shot.  Surprised?  Not really...
Expand your horizons already.  And bring it on.
Hoodie it Up!  They're on SALE.  Cause I'm NOT RACIST.  Like dolphins and killer whales.  (they ARE, as well as RAPISTS)  Racist = haters, and haters are SO out.  Last year's style.  Prosperity and innovation are this year's model.  So CATCH it.

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