Monday, April 30, 2012

Mexicans Occupy Too. So Can You (my Blog, that is) I Fought the Law and...

  The jury is quite possibly hung (themselves?).  We're all not really sure...Welcome to your update on OWS's occupation of Union Square.  Occupying up a storm up there WOO!  Making preparations for Mayday, no doubt.  So is the fuzz.  And so are Mexicans.  Mexicans occupy too, and so can you. (my blog, perhaps??)  What will YOU occupy today?
  World in our hearts = good start
  The fuzz.  Occupy as well.  Mostly standing around.
  Oh LOOK!  Mexicans occupy too!  So can you.
  Lot's o occupying going on on the street.  So occupy it up people!  You little fire-starter you,  A REAL child prodigy over here.  Click below for details.

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