Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stop: Hammertime. MC Hammer's Now A FLYERS Fan! Woo! Can't Touch This

Whelp, we're back to this.  No famous people converted to Flyers fans on Tues and we lost, so the famous are back, jumping on the bandwagon in full force.  And NOW even MC Hammer's a Flyers Fan!  Wooo!  Look out New Jersey, You can't TOUCH this.  Whachu got?  (beside Trenton LOL)  Newark??  LOL

What can orange do for you?  (Hint: a LOT..of shooting things at least anyway...)

Philly doesn't like anyone. (including New Jersey) And New York agrees.  Doesn't really like Jersey either...we agree to agree!  Philly Loves New York & New York Loves Philly & we both don't like Jersey...not really anyway.  Lovefest 2012 happening now...(until we play the Rangers, that is...)

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