Thursday, May 3, 2012

UH-OH ANOTHER DC Blitzkrieg is RIGHT Around the Corner (and Philly and Baltimore Too) We LIKE Distressed Buildings. You Can TOO. Woo! Schedule a Meeting (Seriously This Time) More Details Below.

Big Save.  Hawaii

The original Bob's Big Boy.  A historical landmark.  Toluca Lake, California.Consider yourself warned, people.  Hitting the road with distressed real estate.  In style...Want some?  Schedule a meeting. (no SERIOUSLY, hit me up please)  I LIKE these kind of meetings. 

Doing the East Coast Tour May 14th, 15th, 16th.  Want a meeting with you know who?  (You KNOW you do)...Other people do (BIG names in the industry).  You can TOO!  Woo!

Distressed tour 2012 happening very very soon.  Woo!   We like distressed buildings.  Like like like!  (Anyone who's ANYone is scheduling meetings (and are Flyers fans too btw).  You can too)  We have a HOT portfolio of distressed assets (not asses, get your mind out of the gutter, people)  So get 'em while they're HOT and get em while the gettin's good (hint: RIGHT NOW).

Parking garage. Downtown Kyoto      

So hit the road, Jack, and schedule a meeting.  Meetings = officially my style.  On the road, that is.

  Ray Charles likes distressed buildings and meetings with me.  You WILL too.  Guaranteed.  Or your money back! 
Like me NOW?  (You WILL)  

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