Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guess Who's Going to the FLYERS Devils Game Tonight...With a DEVILS Fan? (Hint: Don't Think it's YOU)

LOL.  Yours truly...LOL going to be all out WAR (except she's a prospective client so suppose I'll have to tone it down a bit...NOT)  Flyers fans are incapable of toning it down....Just not gonna happen, captain.  So we're off to see the FLYERS FLY (in Newark, ewww)

So guess what New Jersey?  I'll be there...too bad I'm wearing red today....will have to purchase orange something er other shortly.  WOO!  Jersey, Philly's coming for you...

And GUESS WHAT ELSE?  George Washington's a FLYERS Fan too!  He crossed the Delaware there.  In Philly.  So that makes him a Flyers fan.  He also liked to shoot things.  He also flies.  We do too!  Woo!  Get Flyered UP!

PS.  New Jersey - what besides Newark you bringing to the table?  Trenton?  LOL (not getting old)

Youz RULES...Like us NOW?  Not so much?  LOL Didn't think so...

Washington is coming, is coming, is coming (with Philly)...And it's time for this:

PS. PITT, we have NOT forgotten about you so do not fear, here's this one for ya.  Apologies in advance.  We love that we won. LOL  XOXO

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