Monday, April 30, 2012

Who You Gonna Call?

Nope not GHOSTBUSTERS, your ninja attack of Call Me Maybe has just arrived.  Who u gonna call? Me? Maybe?  Oh SNAP!   Your daily dose, to heal your soul.  PS.  If  you find mine (not MIME), please let me know at your earliest convenience.  Still on the lamb.

OH but MYSTERY Somewhat solved, tho! Soul communicator communicated very very briefly.  Slim Shady style (my style + ninja)  Turns out, SOUL may or may not have been arrested.  Gone to jail?  Makes sense and seems highly appropriate.

So, here's what I'm going with: I sold my soul for a Flyers win and it's been arrested for dealing souls on black market and has gone directly to your office, er jail.  (I see a jailbreak in the near future, folks)

Headline reads:

"Soul, breaks free from office, er jail, shoots a few doors open, starts own biz and can now deem anywhere in Manhattan to be their office at any point in time they feel like it."  Free as a bird.  No longer jailbird.  I like that idea.

PS: Soul may or may not be in the witness protection program which cannot be confirmed or denied at this time.  Operation jailbreak is going to be fully underway after ducks lined up and ready to go.  So stay tuned, and wait for my signal Iceman Viper Command.  When I say Moonbeam, GO.  Got it?  Good.

In the meantime, call me.  Maybe?  Change your life like I did (tho not necessarily for the better)  LOL

Or you can call THIS guy.  Another ninja for hire.  LOL

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