Monday, April 30, 2012

My Professional Life Collides With Personal Life All the Time. And I Feel Fine.

To the point where there is no line anymore.  Sounds like a personal problem.  Clients planning to attend Improv shows (reminder May 19th = fameday  round 2, people).  Reality TV with Ex Colleagues.  Kareoke with clients.  There's nothing we won't do.  Together.  LOL  Nights and weekends are Filled with work events.  Is there really a difference between work life and personal life anymore?  In my opinion, the answer is no.  Should there be?  I don't know.  But I find if you have fun with work people they like you and you like them and we help each other out gladly cause we like each other.  And like helping people we like.  Friends helping friends.  Right?  So there you go.  Worlds have officially collided.  And I feel fine.  Cause what's a favor, amongst friends?  You In or Out?

And make some friends already.  Yours are kinda lake.  (just saying) Network it up and ram your worlds into each other like I do.  Every day.  Dog speed :)

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