Monday, April 30, 2012

THIS JUST IN: OWS and Wall Street UNITE! Mayday 2012 = Lovefest 2012. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR BITCHES. OK? Let's Join Hands, Sing a Song and Get the Fuck Along

  Unity : Fingers and team spirit.Make LOVE not WAR bitches (unless it's a thumb war) 
War is OUT.  LOVE IS IN!  WOO!  (saves the day.  True Story!)  So, LET'S JOIN HANDS, SING A SONG, AND GET THE FUCK ALONG, already. MmmK?  Revolution, my style.

LOVE= officially fashionable, not hate, so quit being a hater, K? WE R OVER IT
They LOVE each other!  Woo!Unity : sign - unity people Stock Photo

Soon to BE LIVE...from New York, It's the United Nations of US (for one and all, dogs included)!  And WE ROCK, TOGETHER!

Stuck in the middle.  Are you?  It's cool to be.  You can (and might) be too. When did it become so TABOO to be stuck in the middle?  Is Centrist a dirty word or what?  Able to see things from both sides of the aisle?  Want to solve problems for the benefit of BOTH Parties?  Central No longer sucks.  FYI.

WE ARE ONE and might want to start acting that WAY...just saying... 
Unity : World partnership. 3d image isolated on white background.
Christ, what about Liberty, Justice, and Freedom for all Mankind (and dogs too)???  
(Not to mention the pursuit of happiness but we'll get to that later) 

Gone by the Wayside?  Not if I have anything to say about it...Cause I have a DREAM BITCHES!  (MLK style.  Yep, just went there. Damn.  She just went there.)

  Unity : Conceptual symbol of a green Earth globe with multiracial human hands
And HERE's THE DEAL:  There are OTHER THINGS we might want to be OCCUPYING to fight this Idiocracy and lemme tell ya, IT's NOT WALL STREET.  We're on your side, man.  Our goals are aligned here.  No conflicts of interest.  We BOTH want a GOOD economy that provides jobs and opportunity. For real, we really do.  For you, for, me, for every last lady.

Please allow me to enlighten you as to what occupations may make sense, 
pretty please with a cherry on top,
 on MY BLOG.  So do yourself a favor and OCCUPY THIS.  Cause you're not the only one frustrated as shit with the current state of affairs.  
Unity : Teamwork logo
And let's join hands,hug it out and figure this shit out already.  Cause, I'm serious when I say that no one else is gonna do it for us.  At least no one that has our best interests in mind.  You can be sure of THAT.

I'm here to HELP.  OK, people?  Help me, help you.  Help me, help you.  Helping hands, over here.
Unity : Unity in Diversity Stock Photo  Unity : Union touch

Cause I got 99 problems and the FEDS are one

Wall Street is NOW OFFICIALLY YOUR FRIEND (not just on Facebook)  On Your Side.  
High FIVE!  

Cause we can BOTH win at this game, believe you me.  NOT a zero sum game by any means.  
So follow by example and FOLLOW MY BLOG, BITCHES and I'll show you how WINNING is DONE.  In style, course.  My style.  Winning style.  OUR STYLE.  

Oh, and while you're at it, I just MAY entertain (not murder) you with anything that happens to entertain me too.  Cause, the FIRST rule of MY club (fight club?) is you must occupy yourself at all times (and not talk about my club, DUH)
Unity : 3D colourful people making a circle around the world - isolated over white
So let's join hands, sing a song and get the fuck along.
On the same page, cause I've been here a long time.  Just frustrated w/both sides. 
Consider this your olive branch, your tearing down the wall.  Ur white flag.
All for ONE, and one for ALL (including dogs) style.
Unity : United hands isolated on white background
Cause I can't be the ONLY one that remembers what our country was founded on.
(HINT: IT WASN'T MONEY)  $$$ (at least I don't believe so)
UNITY isn't just for Queen Latifah anymore my peeps.  We unite.  And you can too.

 Walk this way, people.  And walk to prosperity.  For you and me.  It IS the year of the DRAGON, after all.  And seriously, what the fuck do we have to lose at this point?  Our souls?  (LOL gone LONG time ago my friends) Our freedom? (Nope, don't have that really either)

 COME TOGETHER and UNITE for what's RIGHT.  And follow my lead (ie. MY BLOG)

But wait for my signal Sandman Viper Command.  Operation UNITY is about to go live: Mayday, 2012.  In order to stave off a Mayday of murder & mayhem (AKA You're gonna get ARRESTED a-holes. You DON'T WANT THAT.  JAILTIME PREVENTS UNITE TIME FYI)

OCCUPY MY BLOG, and follow by example, YEAR OF DRAGON style.  And
SOON we will all be pictures of perfect wealth (not to mention health)
Just wait and see! ;)  Guaranteed. (or ur money back).  
Oh, and you can thank me later, ALLIGATORS.

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