Friday, April 27, 2012

All You Need is LOVE & Fly-Guys Hockey. The Beatles Are Now Flyers Fans. WOW! Anyone Who's ANYONE is Converting to ORANGE!

Got it?  Good.  Woo!  Get ready to get Flyered UP!  Cause Philly's coming to town.  We've got the love.  Do you?  You should...All You Need is LOVE and PHILLY!  Woo!  Oh, there's Philly, loving it up.  LOVE that guy...

photo by Andrew Weiss

OMG, this just in, THE BEATLES are now Flyers fans.  NICE!!!!!  We've got our bases covered here with famous people converting to Flyers fans...  They LOVE US. Do you?  You can too.  Woo!

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