Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Got Good Karma, Whachu GOT? Slim Shady Goes to Wine Bar. Would You Like Some Cheese Wit Yo Wine?

  Hey DJ!  I'm seeing stars.  Mean Variance analysis optimization in the HOUSE.  Right here...
DANGER, Smarty Marty.  Post Karma.  Feelin' bad ass mo fo.   Wilshire style.  We got karma.  Do you?
LOOK!  The Band's Back Together!  W 5000 with cameo appearance from ANN!  Smarty Marty's GF, who ROCKS!  (she got an Ipad today...GOD is jealous, fo sure)  We're both ARIES ramming around town in style.  (Why we get along so well, fo sure)
And yours truly.  Slim shady in red.  Cause that's how THIS Band gets back together.  Wilshire 5 style = my style.  Post good karma, of course.
  Deep thoughts.  By US!  DJ D Lo style.  W-5000 style.  Minus 3.  REUNION TIME????  I believe so.  Casey, Kian & Joe, come in, Casey, KIAN & Joe....Stay tuned.  Update: we want cameo appearance from KP & gang of happy hookers.  Make it happen Captain.  And inform me of the date when this reunion will occur.

Just LOOK at us, would ya?  We luv ur face!.  A bunch o phony rappers...WITH GOOD KARMA.

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