Saturday, April 28, 2012

WE DID IT! Past the 3,000 Mark on Number of Occupiers! WOO! Get Ready for the BIGGEST BLOG PARTY to Hit the Village! Starring WILLIS TREE! And Yours Truly. YOU GUYS ROCK!

WELL, my fellow OCCUPIERS, the Occupy My Blog Movement on the move has officially passed the 3,000 occupier mark and you know what time it is?  Time for a BLOG PARTY!  Woo!  Get Set, Ready, let's GO!  Here we go!  It's Party Time.

Date: TBD
Invite:  If You Occupy My Blog, You Followers You ;)
Place: The Rooftop with a life of it's own (East Village, NY)
Starring: WILLIS TREE (luvs big cans), many other yet to be determined performances, and of course, yours truly

So get READY for the BLOG PARTY of the century and get PUMPED UP people.  I thank you for your occupation efforts and, well, for the party?  You can thank me later ;)

We ROCK!  More details will follow.  In the meantime, here's WILLIS TREE NOW providing a sneak peak at what you're in store for (A LOT, Lemme tell ya)

Cause WE stick out our cans for the garbage man.  Do you?  You can TOO.  WOO!

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