Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane: Peacock Family, Southern MD. SO VAIN!

Photo: Indian blue peacock
So typical, this dude.  MIA when special lady friend needs him most.  POST PEA CHICKS, that is.
What's on tap tonight?  NOPE, NOT WICKED TUNA.  That was LAST week.  What's on tap is this trip down memory lane :  PEACOCK style.  So here's your true story of the day: A freaking PEACOCK, of all things, wandered onto my parents property in Southern MD (left PHILLY, GOD only knows WHY) and guess what?  He stuck around.  For no other reason than they fed him cat food.  Apparently, he LIKED it.  Rando.  To the max.  LOL

AND: named him EMERIL.  Obvious name for a peacock.  Hung around for QUITE some time. In the springtime, he used to show his feathers to the cars in the driveway.  He liked to look at himself.  He was THAT VAIN.  LOL (seriously, not kidding) 
But the fun doesn't end there, folks.  Oh, NO, not at all.  The fun has just BEGUN.  In order to coerce Mr. Peacock to stay, my parents went to none other than the "PEACOCK LADY" to get a female (apparently there are peacock farms on SO MD).  So he'd be happy, of course.  Her name was Babe.  He was happy, of course, for a while. They hit it off, and had PEACHICKS!  It was a beautiful family until what we think were OWLs (AKA: Assholes) ate them @ night.  Just picked em off one by one.  SO TRAGIC.  So sad...
Illustration: Great horned owl
Oh look, another asshole
But the funny (and predictable) part of the story is the fact that Emeril flew the coop pretty soon after Babe had her babies.  Like "Typical MALE". WTF Flies the coop once commitment is mentioned....SO TYPICAL.  Even birds act typical...male that is.  Peacock males = more assholes.  Just saying :)  So vain...just like whomever Carly Simon was referring to in this song. Probably peacocks.  So vain.
Well, here's another one.  Oh, look at MEEEEEE!  I'm SOOOOOO Awesome!
Grow up dude, you're not awesome, just VAIN.  

Photo: Peacock with bright feathers
Real jerk, this one.  So vain.  And so loud...

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