Friday, April 27, 2012

Seeing Red. I See A Red Door And I Want To Paint It Black. Wait, OMG Mick Jagger No Longer Wants To Paint Red Doors Black! Red is the New Black. He Just Went There. Red, That is. Going Red Is In Style. THAT was easy

 THAT was easy....LOL  Staples jokes never get old.
  BE BOLD.  GO RED.  I just went there.  RED and BOLD, that is.....Did you? (hint: you should)  Didn't you know that red is the new black???  Mick Jagger went there too.  Went Red.  Mick's style = my style.
  Lots of folks going Red around town.  Are you?
  Red dudes, all red.  Nothing but the red.  Red, in bed?  I'm red, you're red, we're all red.  Red it up!  Try it sometime.  You might like it.  Mick Jagger went red (he was already bold).  Yep, just went there.  Seeing red all over the place.  Cause once you go red...well, you know the rest...

  That's right, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards no longer want to paint red doors black!  Never thought we'd see the day, but just did!  Just went there. Damn.  Okay, we wear red so people on the streets can see us coming and get the fuck out of our way.  How's that for style?  Pretty BAD ASS.  Bold movers over here.  Bold movers in RED.  Please step aside, people, we are Bad Ass Bold Movers in RED and we're coming through.  Parting the seas of tourists, in RED. Thank you for your cooperation.

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