Friday, April 27, 2012

Bury Your Rivals, Not Your Desk. Friends Make Friends Look Good. I Make Advertisers in Manhattan Look Great!

Oh hello friend!  Welcome to Primetime!  It's Draft Season.  NFL=Friend
And you can consider every advertiser in New York City officially my friends. Now that's a lot of friends!! Yep, just went there.  Making Ads look good on my blog is my style.  So you can thank me later friends!
Bury your rivals not your desk.  Manhattan mini storage is my new best friend.  What can brown do for you?  UPS, also
Friended.  LIKE!
Seeing stars.  Norwegian Stars.  All-stars!  Friended.  LIKE LIKE LIKE

Five Guys in Red.  Also, Friends.  (and RED)  LIKE

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