Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of Offending People Runs in My Family. Simple Genetics. Philly Family Offends in Style.

Just an FYI.  Brother?  Biggest offender.  I'm offender number two. Bro = v 2.0 I'm v 3.0.  Offensive like Philly.  Woo.  Now if Only Someone would PAY us to be offensive...hmmmm.  Like a ROAST perhaps??  Idea's crazy enough, it just might work...

So Just In Case I happen to offend YOU, know this: Don't really mean to be rude, just runs in the family. Simple genetics.  And the TINY factor of growing up in the most offensive city on the planet, Philadelphia.  People in Philly LOVE to offend other people (we also LOVE each other, probably because no one else in the country can stand our obnoxious tendencies.  LOL)

Now hear this: If you're offended by us, consider it a term of endearment.  Mission Accomplished.  Won in THAT department too.  Winning!

Soooooo, I'm going with this from now on: "Oh, did I offend you with that comment???  Good.  My work here is done.  Nailed It!  With a nail gun.  Soul coffin style.  Put the final nail in the coffin there.  WHO'S NEXT?  Better watch it, you just might be....

Philly Flyers Fans = Public Offenders Numero Uno and coffin nailers shotgun style

Wanna get offended?  THEN STEP RIGHT UP and join OUR family for dinner.  Offended guaranteed, or your money back.  Any takers?  Anyone?  Anyone? No?  Didn't think so...

Easily Offended?  WARNING: Don't come to THIS site.  Ego's bruised every day around here.  Especially egos the size of YOURS.  Just saying...

And THIS f-ing guy.  Real F-ing Asshole.  His Ego's HUGE.

Owls have huge egos.  And tiny hearts.  Oh, you see ALL, do ya?  What a know it all.
Christ, so F-ing rude.

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