Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Simple Request OWS. OCCUPY THIS! Occupy Your Constructive Criticism Compliments of Yours Truly. It Really IS Constructive, So, You Can Thank Me Later.

Ah I SEE OWS, you wanna go this way do ya?  Want a repeat of 2008??  I guarantee u my friends, you DO NOT.  First and foremost cause we'll be living Lord of the Flies Style (sans bailout)...and that's not ANYONE'S style these days, really.  Also, because here's the deal dudes, there ARE people in this world that are MOTIVATED to make money.  We are creative and interesting, and have a million and one ideas on how to use capitalism to our advantage.  You should too don't really want to compete with that.  But be my guest.  All the same to me.  Not really caring right now.  Welcome to it as a matter of fact.

So...Got an idea?  Go for it!  That's the beauty of the whole thing.  You choose to hate those who HAVE (and BTW I get your frustration, I seriously do, at the current state of affairs,,,and on that note, you MAY want to occupy our dysfunctional government vs. Wall st dudes, cause if you want to point fingers...they potentially might be bought and sold like third world country style, just saying)  Otherwise, play the fucking game dudes and make some money of your own, already.  Jealousy gets you NOWHERE in life people.  Absolutely f-ing nowhere.  Mark my words.  So do something friggin productive for a change cause this whole occupation is starting to work a nerve (another warning :)  LOL

So here's a friggin BRIGHT idea:  how bout instead of bitching about how the world owes you something, cause believe you me, it most certainly does NOT...Re: Nicaragua or Malawi people???? Like, come the fuck on.   Seriously???  Let's get real here for a sec.  You're proposing murdering anyone that looks like they can afford an Armani suit because they were creative and innovative enough to make the magic happen....because WHY EXACTLY?  Because they scrapped their way up to the top?  I see.  Cause THAT makes sense.   Obviously.

Well murder away my friends, because with that kind of logic, you're gonna end up in the big house, guaranteed.  You want ideas?  Coaching?  Hit me up.  More than happy to oblige.  Just don't bring your whine, cause I've seen enough on the streets these days to last a lifetime.

I mean, Christ.  We are all still fancy animals, and it's a dog eat dog world out there, even if you happened to be sheltered from that growing up (I was, but SOMEHOW figured it out).  Potentially parenting styles have gotten so outta control, leading to thinking the wold owes youth something.  Well, fo real, let me be the first to break it down fo ya, that NOPE, as a matter of fact, it does NOT.  Not one bit.  The world is not obligated to pay your student loans or even hire you.  You are a commodity, my friends.  And if you want to get ahead, make yourself as marketable as humanly possible. Which, in my opinion, is exactly the opposite of protesting people making money because you do not have a job.  But that's just my opinion...take it or leave it.

I get the economy sucks.  But guess what?  I'm PRETTY SURE that if you polled ALL of Wall Street, you might find that they don't want the economy to suck either.  They WANT you to have a job, dudes.  I want you to have a job.  (I can help you for christ sake, I know headhunters) Your politicians may or may not but they're too busy being bought and sold to tell.  So f-ing occupy Washington dudes.  A fo real sorry state of affairs...

Or start a business and make some money, dudes.  Cause I learned a long time ago that life isn't unicorns and rainbows. (altho that'd be sweet if it WAS, but it's NOT, FYI).  High time you do the same.  Just saying.

 So get to it already.  I DARE YOU.  Innovate till your little heart's content!  Plenty 'o ways to make money.  Just gotta put ur mind to it.

And...consider THIS your second challenge, my friends.  To a duel of who can use their friggin brain, not to COMPLAIN, but to use capitalism to their advantage....So the fuck what if you weren't born with a silver spoon?  I wasn't.  Didn't need it...Capitalism is UR friends, my friends (we're all friends really).  So create and innovate it UP people!  (versus going to jail because you were jealous of someone's ability to even consider purchasing a Mercedes and decided murder was the only way to deal) Murder not = to Philly style (although we like shooting A LOT of things, primarily to open them though.  Functional problem solvers.)

Ok that's a rap, and all I have to say about that.  

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