Thursday, April 26, 2012

OWS Strikes AGAIN. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! 5/1/2012. OWS, A Simple Question...

Finance is FRAUD 5/1/2012  MAYDAY!
Finance is FRAUD, eh?  So is THIS GUY.  Not really Elmo.
Also fraud.

Sooooo OWS, we meet AGAIN.  Another over the top statement on the street...well, I for one, am pretty interested in finding out what you all have planned for May 1st, AKA: Murder & Mayhem Day, 2012.

OWS, a simple question for you: What would you do without banks?  What would ANYONE do without banks?  And the free flow of capital?  Without ways to start a business or keep one running?  Would we all be better off living on an island, Lord of the Flies style, stabbing each other for the last coconut?  (or shooting them, as we do in Philly)  We saw how well THAT worked out in the movies.  

Be my guest and go occupy an island cause I've got one more simple question for you:  Would you like some CHEESE with your WHINE?  

Am anxiously awaiting your replies, your ideas on how to actually create change that we all really CAN believe in (and IMPLEMENT).  Not bright ideas like shutting down the banks.  Not chump change.  Cause if you do, I'm hopping on THAT BANDWAGON ASAP and am going to Occupy the shit out of it.  Please share.  Sharing is caring, after all. Give it all you've got.  Cause what else are you doing sitting around Union Square anyway, besides playing chess?  So....CHECK.  You're move OWS.  I challenge you to a duel.  Princess Bride Style...put on your friggin' thinking caps already and go for it.

Please comment below.  Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day.
-The Management

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