Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Anti-Bullying Week, People. So QUIT BULLYING ME! Wanna Bully Me? Schedule A Meeting.

Until April 30th @ least.  OK?  It's like Lent.  Just give up bullying for this week only and see HOW much better you feel.  IMAGINE!  Not having to worry about which kid to beat up for lunch money today.  What if you really just didn't give a fuck about what a loser Johnny is and how thick his glasses are?  Your time would be freed up to focus on so many BIGGER AND BETTER things.  Like, what kind of Wicked Tuna to eat for dinner.  Before it eats you, of course (which it WILL).

So you bullies out there better watch yo back.  Cause it's anti-bullying week, and Pollyanna over here is getting PRETTY TIRED of your goddamn bullying ways.

Bullying sounds like a personal problem.  So here's an idea genius.  Take a tissue for your issue and get a fucking life. Occupy yourself with something OTHER than putting other people down (my BLOG, perhaps?) and you'll truly feel better in the end.  I guarantee it.  Or your money back.

So, it's time for this: Oh I said, bully bully?  Ohhhhh, where you gonna go?  (To hell in a hand basket with yo bullying ways, fo sho, just saying)  Nobody like a bully.  Nobody. Not me, and I'm pretty goddamn sure YOU don't even like yourself, as a bully.  SO, try another style already.  Cause this one just doesn't suit you, you big bully.  

Feel like picking on someone?  How bout this: pick on THIS: animals.  Making fun of them is MY new favorite pastime.  You can too ;)  Cause I'm pretty sure they don't understand what I'm saying anyway (at least I HOPE not LOL).

Bullies = losers to the infinite degree  Feel like being a loser?  Then be my guest to bully it up.  Bully around town.  But you're going to hell (or jail) if I have anything to say about it.  Go directly to hell, do not pass GO, do not collect $200 (you don't need it, you stole it from the poor sucker outside.  Bully.)

So, go pick on someone you're OWN size (3 inches?  probably LOL).  

Okie doke that's a rap.  And that's all I have to say about that.  Gotta go catch my 9:30 meeting about another meeting we have tomorrow followed by 15 meetings next week.  Meetings compounded.  Feel like bullying me?  Schedule a fucking meeting.  I'm all booked up over here.

PS.  please don't make fun of my newly developed turretts that I can't spell either.  It's politically incorrect, you see...You big bully.

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