Saturday, April 28, 2012

OMG Even Dr. Evil is A Flyers Fan! Fly Boyz Looking Pretty Good Over Here. PS. Dear Pitt, YOUZ RULES!

OMG This just IN!  Even DR. EVIL has been converted to the religion of ORANGE.  See for yourself!  Anyone who's ANYONE is hopping on the bandwagon!  So, It's time for this: ORANGE U gonna do the same already?  You should.
Fly Boyz looking pretty awesome, New Jersey!  We want ONE BILLION power plays tomorrow dudes.  Dr. Evil's in our corner.  Whachu bringing to the table??

So, I may have sold my soul to the devil for a Flyers win last week, which really begs the question, what else can I sell for a win this week?  WELL, lemme tell you, there's PLENTY left to sell.  My freedom, perhaps?  Oh, wait, I already sold that to the "man"....hmmmm.  Will come up with something fo sure.  Stay tuned....

In the meantime, there's this to occupy ourselves with...SO ZIP IT, Scott.  LOL  "he's actually quite astute I actually AM trying to kill him."  "In the spring we'd make meat helmets.  Pretty standard, really."  LOL  "Why make trillions when we could make...billions?"  "Would you like to have a suckle on my zipple?"

    Philly fans = shining examples of maturity 

Oh, and PS.  PITT: here's one for ya!  We're losing 0-2 to the Penguins!  We're going to lose!  April Fools!  Not getting old, these jokes.  Just not getting old.  Could go on for months on end here.  Sorry about this.  I truly am.  Love, Philly xoxox  

PPS: say it together now.  YOUZ Rules!  LOL

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