Thursday, April 26, 2012

May I Have Your Attention Please: I Would Like To Introduce To You The Newest Member of the Fame Club, Sir Nick! Watch it RIGHT HERE. And Fame it up, You Devil You.

We are famous.  And our faces are shiny.
Shining.  A shining example.  Of shining faces.
Our style...

Welcome to the fame, Sir Nick.  STAR trader at AllianceBernstein is now in the fame club!  And here he is NOW: Famous AMOS over here.  Trading up!  So, you know what that means, it's time for the trader sell buy sell buy buy buy.  Go long all day long.  Till the break of dawn.  May wanna option it up with some puts and calls, put, call, covered it!  Woo!  Leverage your options in Life and go famous.  Our style.

Live FROM CNBC And New York, It's Nick (NEW ROAD) Style, styling dude.  Trading up for Fame.

On CNBC in THIS video 2:24 minutes into the video.  Wooo!

We're all going to be famous one day, friends.  Mark my words.  Cause I, for one, am seeing stars pretty much all over the place these days.  A big virtual high five to Sir Nick!  Whoo!
Sir Nick, New Road = star trader

Sir Nick = fame trader on CNBC
Could this soon be you?  Stay might be Surprised ;)
PS.  U can thank me later.
Sir Mick would like to welcome you into the star club too.  Right here.  Fame, please allow me to introduce you to...fame.  Fame it up!


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