Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wanna Change Your Life? TONIGHT? Attend OUR Charity Event Tonight @ Village Pourhouse @ 7. Your Karma Supply is Looking PRETTY LOW these Days. Rebuild UR SUPPLY ALREADY

  UH OH your sneak attack of call me maybe is right here too!  It's so lifechanging!  Though not necessarily for the better....Your daily dose of Call Me Maybe. Catch it.
Build On Already!
Also, do yourself a favor please and get some good karma tonight @ the Village Pour house at 7:00 PM to support a group called BUILDON.  100% of Your donations will go directly toward building a school in a developing nation.  You and me both need a little good karma in our lives, doing OUR lines of work.  Might wanna think about rebuilding our supply here....Just staying.  Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!
Build on. and on and on and on.
WE BUILD ON.  DO YOU?  (Hint: you should.  TONIGHT!) OPEN BAR, BANDS, SURPRISES GALORE!!! All for the small fee of your soul,Cause Mine's MIA at the moment (haha jk)...Small cost of $25.  Chump change really.

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